The Gallo-Roman site

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The archaeological site of Gisacum, a few kilometres from Evreux, is an invitation to explore the history of an important Gallo-Roman temple town and visit the ancient baths, set in an archaeological garden.

Some 2000 years ago, Gisacum was a major Gallo-Roman temple town extending over about 250 hectares and featuring a large number of public buildings (temple, baths, theatre, etc.). The religious capital of the Aulerci Eburovices, Gisacum was unusual in the Roman world in terms of its unique hexagonal shape and sheer size.

Founded in the early first century A.D. and abandoned in the second half of the third century, the Gallo-Roman town of Gisacum was rediscovered by archeologists in the early nineteenth century. The archaeological site of Gisacum is still being excavated. The Eure Département Archaeology Unit is pursuing its research on this ancient town, in particular on the temple and theatre.